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April 14, 2009

Where Do You Get Ideas for Activities & Lessons?

We all have great ideas, or see them somewhere, sometimes. So when I find one, I put it in a List. Then, when I need a great idea for an activity or lesson, it’s there, ready to use.
Some Suggested Resources:

Any teachers' resource book: Don’t look at them as a resource of ready-to-use materials with a specific focus, but rather as a resource of activity ideas that can be adapted to your needs.

The Minimalist ALT. A list of 12 language activities requiring neither preparation nor materials. The focus is on listening & speaking.

More Activities & Q-Cards @ The first is a list of communication and conversation activities, with explanations and downloads; the second is an explanation and resource for the Q-Card warm-up/review activity.

The Best Resource- A list of all the activities you know. Try dividing them up by: Language Pattern; Pattern- or Meaning-focus; Non/Low-, Medium- or High-Affective Filter; Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking; Teaching, Practicing or Testing; and/or any divisions that will help you to choose the right activities to have great lessons!

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