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April 14, 2009

Speak Slowly and Clearly

As a new language learner, the first phrase I learned in 2 foreign languages was ‘Please speak more slowly.’ (the second was, ‘One more beer, please!’). This same learning experience has been acknowledged by several friends.
Taking a cue from personal foreign language learning experience (often your best guide to being a successful EFL teacher), remember to SPEAK SLOWLY AND CLEARLY yourself. And also find opportunity to teach your students the common phrases, ‘Please speak more slowly.’, ‘Pardon?’, and others you know.
One time this is especially important is when telling someone your name (especially first and last) for the first time- Hi. My name is BingoTheDog. = X. This is also an important cue for your students: When telling you their names, if it is to fast for you to understand, tell them the importance of saying their own names slowly when doing a self-introduction. And say to them yourself, "Please speak more slowly!"

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